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Help: Link Calendly & Microsoft Dynamics

  • 20 May 2020
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I am trying to link Calendly to Microsoft Dynamics so that when someone clicks a calendly link and books an appointment this triggers a lead in Dynamics.


Issues I need help with is that I need a certain teams Calendly links to be the ones that are triggered rather than my individual links.

Also why don’t Zapier do call support, it’s very frustrating to not be able to speak to someone.



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Hi @mnutt1983! If you’re the administrator (or have administrator privileges) in your Calendly team, then the Zap will return events from the team calendar. 


If you’re trying to set up the Zap and can only see invitees connected to your account, that’s because when you test the trigger it returns the last invitee assigned to the connected user (ie you) - not the last invitee in the entire Calendly account. If you need to get an invitee from the team calendar in order to properly set up the Zap, then you need to create a new invitee in the relevant calendar and assign it you. Then retest the Zap again and that invitee should come through. 


If you want the Zap to only trigger on invitees from a specific calendar/calendars, then you can use a Filter step immediately after the trigger to stop the Zap from continuing if the event is from any other calendar. If you’ve not used Filters before, here’s a guide that explains how to use them: Add conditions to Zaps with Filters.