Help creating table and quantities

Hi All!

I am importing a paragraph of items and quantities (Separated by Commas) and need quantities and items usable individually to export to my CRM

The output I have currently looks like this: 

1 x Extended Warranty, 12 x Solar Panels, 3 x Hwt, 7 x Switches


I have tried Formatter - Split Text (As Line Item using comma as the separator but thats only getting me line items showing “1 x Etended Warranty” and I need the quantity to be separate also???

Any help would be awesome!

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Hi @JimmyDawg 

Good question.

Try this JavaScript Code step...





let Items = inputData.Items.split(",");
let Qty = [];
let Name = [];

for (let i = 0; i < Items.length; i++) {
Items[i] = Items[i].split(" x ");
Qty[i] = Items[i][0];
Name[i] = Items[i][1];

output = [{Items, Qty, Name}];




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Awesome, thanks for sharing this @Troy Tessalone!

@JimmyDawg, do you think implementing this would work for you? Keep us posted! 🤗