HELP connecting Stripe with Trainerize

  • 14 December 2022
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Hi! Can someone please help me.. I have clients pay via Stripe and only once they make a payment I would like them to receive login details. Right now they receive an invoice with login details without payment. In my zaps I have Stripe -Trainerize so not sure if I am missing something. Thanks

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7 replies

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Hi @ruchichoprawellness 


can you please share some screenshots so we can help you better?

Here is a screen shot .. I want clients to pay first before receiving login details from trainerize but right now they receive everything at once if that makes sense 

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Hey there, @ruchichoprawellness - thanks for this!

If you’d like the payment to be the trigger event, I wonder if the “New Payment” trigger would work better in this case?

This way the payment would be the thing to kick off creating the account in Trainerize vs just registering (which it sounds like may be what’s happening with the “New Customer” trigger? 

Let us know what you think! 🙂

YES! Thank you so much for getting back to me.. now HOW DO I do this? Right now it is showing up as stripe - new customer in stripe. Everytime I click it doesnt give me the option to put what you have above. Do I need to delete it?

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Hi @ruchichoprawellness

To change your Trigger to “New Payment” in Stripe, you’ll need to go into your current configuration (make sure you’re in Edit mode so you can make changes 😊), click on the “Event” drop down and select “New Payment”. 

Can you give that a whirl and let us know how it goes? 


HI, please help me…

I DID THIS and I got an email after I did a test payment on myself that there is an error. What do I do? I followed the instructions.

Now what do I do if I don’t want ALL payments creating an account on Stripe?

For example I sell 3 month programs and I send an invoice for them to pay - I want them to receive an email from Trainerize but when I sell 1 off programs via payment link I don’t want them getting a login email from Trainerize.

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Hi @ruchichoprawellness,

What error did you receive? If it was related to a missing field, you’ll need to confirm the test data you’re supplying in Stripe contains all fields you’re hoping to pull in Trainerize (email, name, etc). 

It sounds like you’ll want to place a Filter step in between your Action & Trigger to sift out any unwanted payments triggering your Zap. You can learn more about Filters here!