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Help a Newbie out: What does autoresponder mean?

  • 14 September 2020
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Hi all!

I want to set up a zap for facebook Lead Gen ads with Mailer Lite.

Hoewever, I need to include a DOI process. When I tested the whole zap, it worked fine (the test E-Mail went to unconfirmed and the DOI Mail was sent.)


I have two questions to the setup process:

  1. What does “Send autoresponder” mean in the customize subscriber field? Do I need to have this on so the DOI E-Mail can be sent? I could not find anything online =(
  1. In the “Email” field: When I put the campaign name there, will the recipient see this in the DOI Mail they are getting?


Sorry for the noob questions but we are very new to this :)


Thanks in advance!





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For 1. I’m not sure what auto-responders are in this context - I’ll check with Zapier on that.

For 2. You only want to map the email address field here - as you’ve done - nothing else. The subject of the email they receive is per the settings in Mailerlite.

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Hi @Svarlen!

If you go here on the Mailerlite help site and scroll down to the Adding subscribers through API section, you can see the following:

So it looks like if you set that to False then the automation sequence for the list doesn’t start.

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This is awesome @nicksimard and @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for your help and time :)