Hashing data in Google Sheets

  • 9 December 2020
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I’m trying to work out how to hash (ie encrypt) data in 2 columns in a Google Sheet - ie name and email address.

Is there a way to do it with a zap?

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5 replies

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Can you clarify more about what you’re trying to do in terms of order of operations?

Hi Troy.

I have a sheet with 148 rows of survey data. Columns include name, email, phone and scores on various characteristics

I would like to encrypt the data in 3 columns only - ie to replace the name, email and phone with unique numbers - leaving all the other data in each row alone - so that 

  1. we can track changes in scores by name
  2. be able to decrypt back if needed

In terms of order of operations, I’d guess it would be:

open sheet

row by row

convert data in each of 3 columns to a hash


(or create 3 new cols and put the hashes in new cells)

Does that help?

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What encryption standard are you trying to use?

Er, I don’t know. Whatever is appropriate.

I just googled it and saw “at least AES 256” - if that makes sense

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@Nigel-Then-Some - checking back in to see if you were squared away with this configuration!