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Grabbing Page Content for an Evernote Note?

  • 30 April 2021
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I’m looking for any way to pull a web page’s content into an Evernote note with a zap. 

This started with me wanting to send the simplified article text of a Pocket article to Evernote as a new note (this seems possible from a lot of pre-existing zaps, but these zaps only send the page’s excerpt and not its full text to the note). 

I haven’t been able to find any way to do this (others my know how), but I feel like it might be more possible to pull the URL of a specific Pocket article once it’s favorited, and send that URL into something (another zap?) to grab the content, then put that content into a new Evernote note. 

Any ideas? Thanks so much!


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@rileysheehan you should be able to get the contents of a any webpage using a Webhooks by Zapier GET action. This will return the HTML code. For example I setup a Zap that will get triggered anytime I favorite a post on Pocket:



Next I mapped the URL in a Webhooks by Zapier GET action:



Here is what it returns:



I would suggest stripping out the HTML from the text that was returned because Evernote seems to only like basic HTML without any scripts. You can do that using a Formatter by Zapier Text Remove HTML Tags action. We can use the text output from the previous step as the input:



Here is what the stripped version looks like:




Next in an Evernote Create Note Action you would map the text that is returned as the content:



This is what it looks like in Evernote:


It’s not super pretty but you will be able to get all the text content of the web page. If you were looking up a fairly small webpage without any scripting or JavaScript code embedded, you might be able to get a nicely formatted HTML in Evernote. But that is a hit and miss. That is why I recommend stripping the HTML. I hope that helps.