GoToWebinar Scheduling

  • 7 January 2021
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I created a GoToWebinar Zap for a Webinar that was already created and collecting registrations.

I need to capture those registrations in SalesForce but the only options I’m given is to Trigger when ….


How can I run the Zap on demand or schedule to grab the existing registrants?




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5 replies

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Hey @justSeth,

hmm. I guess for the registered users it might be better to just export them in some way from GoToWebinar and insert them into Salesforce or why do you think you have to do this via Zap?

I mean you can of course also use a spreadsheet with the registrants and use it as a trigger to insert them via Zap into Salesforce but imo this rather adds complexity. Let me know what you think about this.


Het Ennes,

The original need for Zapier was to capture registrants in realtime and push them to SalesForce but again, the event started registration before I was able to create the Zap.

I guess lessons learned..


thanks anyways..

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Hi @justSeth!

All may not be lost! We have a beta tool called Transfer that is described as such:

Transfer helps you move data in bulk between apps. You can use Transfer to import all of your data from another one app to another.

I think it may be worth trying that out to see if it can get the job done ;) Please let us know if this ends up solving your problem (with it being a beta tool, we love all the feedback we can get).


Thanks @nicksimard for the proposed solution.

I’m testing it but it constantly crashes with Opps/// try again or fresh message. There are only about 75 records in GoToWebinar so that shouldn’t be the cause.

I’ll continue to try..






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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?