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Google Sheets: will only write values to the first column

  • 28 July 2020
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Hello All,

I am trying to create a zap that will create a new sheet in a google sheet, add column headers, then write in several steps in the rows below. 

This zap is hooked up to our project manager software Trello and is triggered by the creation of a new project. My zap will run when a new project is created, it creates the new tab in the google sheet, adds 5 columns as headers, but then fails when it tries to create rows of data that are the subtasks of that project. 

I am using one action to lookup the data in Trello and it returns a JSON of the “checklist data”. From there I have tried multiple processes like converting to text (as line items), running the utilities Line Itemizer, and feeding the JSON directly to the Create Speadsheet Row in Google Sheets Action. Each attempt this step fails if I tell it to write to multiple columns. However it runs fine if I just write to the first column. 

The error it gives me was The spreadsheet row could not be sent to Google Sheets. There was an error writing to your Google Sheet. 

I am new to Zapier. Is there a way to tell it to index to the next column for the next value? or do I need to run something else to get Zapier to write an entire row of data over multiple columns?


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Hi @ethanlang ,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry you are running into this issue with your Zap. 

Usually when we see that a spreadsheet row couldn’t be sent to Google Sheets, it’s often due to a change in the sheet name so the Zap cannot locate it. Do you recall making any changes to the sheet name?

If not, our Support Team will need to troubleshoot here as they can look at your Zap’s logs and configuration to see where the error is stemming from :relaxed: They can be reached here and will get you squared away as quickly as they can!