Google Sheets to Slack Zap - Spreadsheet rows with checkboxes not detected

  • 18 January 2022
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I have a couple Google Sheets set up where they would send a Slack message with new or updated rows. I’ve recently added some checkboxes to the sheet - not as the trigger column - and I’ve found with both my zaps that adding the checkboxes to the sheets breaks the zap. 


The zaps either don’t send, or they send with missing column data (again, not columns with the checkboxes). When I back to the zap settings, during the test trigger phase it can no longer pull row information. If I delete the checkboxes from the sheet, the data is pulled again, no problem. Anyone else having this issue with checkboxes in Google Sheets breaking the zap? 

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1 reply

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Hi @sydney 

It’s likely because you’ve added the checkbox to all cells in that GSheet column.

The checkbox is a friendly input for a cell value.

Behind the scenes, an empty checkbox = FALSE value in the cell, and a checked checkbox = TRUE value in the cell.


Make sure to review the available help articles for using GSheets in Zaps:


As an alternative to GSheets, check out Airtable, which also has a checkbox field option: