Google Sheets to Slack, triggered by cells from differents collums

  • 20 April 2020
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Im having troubles with this task.

I have a spreadsheet with some prices and i have a team that works with them to sell products. But this prices varies all the time and I need that the slack send a message always there are a modification.

I tried to make it here and it seems to work at first. But then hundreds of notifications come up and i dont know why.

Could someone help me?

Ps: Sorry for my english, not a native speaker.

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3 replies

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Hi @silveirajoao ,

Thanks for reaching out- sorry you’re being bombarded with notifications here!

To help us dig in, can you send a screenshot of your configuration? 

Also, am I correct that you are looking for a Slack message to populate when the price changes for any of the products within your GoogleSheeet? 

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There are 11 collumns in my sheet. Each represents some category of products. The lines represents the price of some seller for that product. 


     Product X  Product Y 

Seller A    2,0       2,3

Seller B    1,9       2,6

Seller C     2,3      2,5


I want to send a slack message in a channel when some line has a update. Then I created eleven triggers. 

When this happens..

1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets

Do this …

2. Send Channel Message in Slack


But after a while, there a bug that creates hundreads of tasks and messages. I dont know why it is happenning.

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Hi @silveirajoao!

It seems that we'll need to investigate this further, so I'm escalating this to our Support team. They can provide you with the attention you need to resolve this issue in a timely fashion.

Sorry to bounce you around, but they really will be best equipped to help you out with this one :)

If there's any way you could update this thread once your issue has been resolved, we’d very much appreciate it! Then, anyone who comes across the thread can benefit from the answer.