Google Sheets to Salesforce Integration questions

I am working on a zap with the following items.


Trigger: A new row inserted in a google spread sheet which has the columns “First Name, Last Name, Amount”.

Action: Based on the first name and last name, find contact from Salesforce and then create an opportunity with the amount. My match criteria for “Find Record” in Salesforce is FullName = firstName + ‘ ‘ + lastName.


My problem is below.

When I use the “Find Record” with the first name+ last name, all I am getting is the Id field of the Contact only. How do I get other fields like AccountId from the Contact object? In the next action step, when I create an opportunity, I need to associate it with the account that is linked to the contact.


I don’t see any documentation or help from Zapier regarding this.


Can someone help?


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Hi @pnb1974 

Can you please provide screenshots of how your Zap steps are currently configured along with the responses you are getting after testing the Salesforce Find Record step?

Hi Troy,


Thanks for your response.


I am pasting the screenshots of the zap step where I am having problems. This is for a Salesforce NPSP (Non Profit Success Pack) org. Whenever a contact is created, a new account automatically gets created with the name “{Lastname} Household” and I need to create an opportunity under that account. See the screenshots below. I have a path in my zap for two different actions. When a contact is found, create an opportunity under the account for the contact found. If a contact is not found, create a contact (which in turn creates an account automatically) and create an opportunity under the account that was created as part of contact creation.


Contents of Google Sheet:


I have manually created the Contact “John Carlson” in Salesforce and it created a new account as shown below.





Zap Flow when Contact is not found with name or Email:


Creating Contact in ZAP:


Creating an Opportunity in ZAP:


There is where I am having the problem. After the Contact is created, I am trying to find the account that was created as part of the Contact creation process. However, when in the “Search Value” field, the only option I see from the step “When Contact Not Found with Name or Email - 2. Create Record in Salesforce” is 2. Id, which is the Id of the Contact record. How do I get the AccountId from the Contact object? I need to get the AccountId so that I can associate it with the opportunity that will be created in the next step.


Thanks in advance.



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Did you test each step manually in order to get the data points returned from Salesforce for each action to then map to future steps?

Hi Troy,


I have tried the test for the Path “When Contact Found with Name or Email”. However, I did not test the path “When Contact not found with Name or Email”. Do I need to test each step in order for the zap to find the correct records?


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Hi @pnb1974

Yes, it’s best practice to test each step of the Zap.

If you don’t test a Zap step, either no data points will be available to map, a limited number of default data points will be available to map, or dummy data points will be available to map.

Thanks for your help. I  have made changes as per your suggestion and completed the zap. Will test it and let you know how it goes.



I have been working on something else and could not continue with this for a while. Based on some testing, I had to change my design little bit. A flow chart of my zap is shown below.



Can you please help?