- Google Sheets to Notion 2-way sync - Lookup Spreadsheet Row unable to find match

  • 18 November 2021
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Good morning everyone,


I’m struggling to set up my Zapier, I would like to have a 2-way synch between Google Sheets and Notion. I was able to to set the Google Sheets to Notion Zap but I can’t do the same for the other way around.

I already checked for sharing permissions and compatibility (so went through the Token process and everything) but what stops me is the Lookup Spreadsheet Row.

What I want to do is having one column (if not the entire file) sending the input from Notion to Google Sheets.

Is there anyway to solve this?


Zap blocks
Error in the Lookup (2nd step)
File on Sheets
File on Notion


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5 replies

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Hey @Peperit ,


Can you add some data in Google Sheet and than try? Since the data is missing, that it will fail.




Hi @jayeshkumarbhatia,

Thank you for your interest. I had already put data but it’s not working.



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Hey @Peperit ,


Can you add exact same values in Google Sheet and than try again?


In Lookup the values should also match.

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Hi @Peperit 

Zapier is not meant for 2-way data syncs:

Hey @Peperit,

Are you trying to update rows in Google Sheets from Notion entries that were originally created in Notion from Sheets rows? (i.e. a 2-way sync that starts from GSheets).

If so, maybe try this.

When you first create the entry in Notion from the Sheet info add a final step to the Zap that sends the Database Item ID of that newly created entry back to Sheets. You’ll need to create a new column in your sheet to contain this info.

Then when Notion tries to push info to Sheets you can use that Database Item ID in the lookup to find the matching data.

If you’re trying to create data in Google Sheets from Notion entries that were not originally pushed to Notion this however won’t work.

I haven’t tested this but let me know if this works.