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Google Sheets to Job Adder

  • 31 March 2020
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Hi All,

I have created a Zap from Google Sheets, which isn’t going through to Job Adder.  I have been through the steps one by one but the data just isn’t going through - I do a test and review and it says it’s all gone through but it’s now showing in Job Adder if I do a Re-Test and continue it just spins the wheel


Any help would be appreciated :)


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3 replies

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Hi Claire,

It looks like you’ve been going back and forth with our Support team about this,  and they’re digging into it with you :) I’m going to leave this open until the issue is solved there. Can you confirm with them (or here) whether their instructions worked out for you?

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Hi Nick,


Yes I have been going through support and it appears that I have fixed this issue which I am really over the moon about!  Thanks Nick and all the support team.

I am now duplicating that Zap for something reasonably similar but with an upload document button, so wish me luck or any tips!



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Thanks for confirming @Claire Ford! Glad we were able to get that sorted out for you :) 

For anyone else who finds this, here is how it was solved (bolded is Zapier):

>I am a little confused. Looking at your screenshot you have a Step 3. Add Candidate Note in Job Adder (ive attached it) and I cannot see the Candidate ID with a J next to it. I was only doing 2 steps should I be doing 3?<

Yes, you want to insert a Find Candidate step as Step 2 of your Zap, which will make Add Candidate Note change to Step 3.

>So if this is a Step 2 in Job Adder Find or Create a Candidate Record should the Candidate ID be that what I have created in Google Sheets? (see screenshot)<

You don't need to put an ID in Google Sheets. The Find or Create Candidate Record step will generate the ID that you need. (If you tried to use the ID that you generated in Google Forms, you would get an error; in general, whenever a step in a Zap asks you to provide an ID, it will have to be in a specific format that comes from that same app)

In summary, your Zap should go like this:
Google Forms - New or Updated Response
JobAdder - Find or Create Candidate Record (ticking the box to create a record if one isn't found)
JobAdder - Add Candidate Note (using the ID generated by Step 2)