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Google Sheets to Docs: The user does not have sufficient permissions for this file.

  • 23 July 2020
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I’m trying to create a Google Docs file (from tempolate) with my Google Sheets info. Unfortunally, there is a error: The user does not have sufficient permissions for this file.

I’m working with a G Suite Business account of Google. 

Does anyone know what permissions I need to change and where to find these?


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6 replies

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Hello! My name is Justin and I write for the Zapier blog. Nice to meet you!


That’s an annoying error. I have a question: did you create the template? Or is it one that someone shared with you? If it’s one someone shared with you, can you make a copy of it and use that instead? Just a theory, but I think that might help. 

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Hello @jpot 


Thanks for your message. It is a document created by myself on my own drive. 


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Tom Verkooijen

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Hi @Tomverkooijen ,

Sorry you’re running into this error!

Could you share if you are using custom values in your template field? If so, this is a current bug with the Google integration but there is still a way to work around this -- as longs as (a) the document template already exists and (b) the custom fields are the same!

1)Make a selection from the drop-down menu options

2)The fields should then appear - map these fields out

3)Revert the Template Document field to a custom value selection -- this will throw you a warning that the custom fields are now extra (or something to that effect) -- disregard and click "Continue" and test the step out.

Hoping the above works while the app’s developers squash this bug but if you run into any additional trouble, you can contact our Support team here and they can dig deeper into your specific configuration!

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Hi there, 


I have the same issue and either do not understand exactly what you recommend, or it doesnt work, could you be more specific by mentioning a concrete example of the steps please ? 




I am also having this issue on Zaps that have been running fine for months. I second Chloe’s question. We now have a backlog of client work at our law firm because of this issue. Please help asap

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Hi @ChloeF14 ,

Sorry you are running into this issue! I see you have been in touch with Cameron in Support who recommended you try re-selecting the template document and test step 2 of your Zap again as a file being moved or deleted could result in the error you received. Did that do the trick?


@madelaine I see you were working with Clint in Support and that you were able to resolve the issue by adjusting your document’s sharing settings! Let us know if you have any additional questions!