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Google Sheets should update the next row instead of inserting a new row

  • 3 December 2020
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Hi guys,

I did my research but didn’t find any solution, I hope the topic hasn’t already been discussed before.

I’m using a zap to update a Google Spreadsheet: every time I receive a specific email, it creates a new row in my Zapier spreadsheet. So far, that’s what I wanted.

However, Zapier creating a new row means “inserting a new row” and that’s a problem for me: I indeed have another spreadsheet (we’ll call it the “Dynamic spreadsheet”) that imports dynamically the content of each row of my Zapier spreadsheet. Consequently, in so far as Zapier inserts a new row In my Zapier Spreadhseet each time it triggers, my Dynamic spreadsheet doesn’t work anymore, “Zap!B6” becomes “Zap!B7” and so on…

Do you know how I could solve this issue? I would just need Zapier to update the next empty row in the spreadsheet instead of inserting a new row, but I don’t find how to do that.

Cheers to the community,



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Perhaps provide screenshots of how your Zap is configured, your GSheet, and the current issue.

Sounds like you may need to use different (possibly more advanced) formulas on your GSheet to address the issue.


Or you could try finding the last row and increment the Row ID by +1 then doing a GSheet Update Row action in the Zap.

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Thanks for your feedback! You got me on the right path, I was only looking on a Zapier solution, but that was on Google Sheets side that the solution was.

I created a new sheet and used the IMPORTRANGE function to import the content of my Zapier sheet. And then I use the content from my importrange sheet in my other spreadsheets’ formulas.

I hope it will help those who encounter the same kind of problem.