Google Sheets multi-entry from forms?

  • 8 June 2020
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I am using Google Forms for create a quiz for each of 8 modules. Is there a way to import the quiz grade (or simply to mark off that they have completed the module quiz) with a zap? 


Ultimately, I’d like to mark off that a user has completed each of the 8 modules. Then, when the score column =8 (done by using COUNT), I’d like to trigger it to send an email to the user. 

Any ideas how to do this? Both how to import scores from multiple forms/quizzes, and how to trigger when the count=8?


I could have separate sheets for each module and then somehow have a ALLSCORE sheet that would read from the other sheets, but that would be coding within Google Sheets too, I think?


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Hi @WIHealthyAging


I think that the answer I gave to your other post covers this one? In case anyone would like to see, it’s this post.


If this is a slightly different question let me know and we can take a look 🙂