Google Sheets connected to BigQuery, how does it work?

  • 23 October 2020
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Hey guys, how are you doing?

I have a Sheet that is connected with Google BigQuery, and we recorded a macro that updates this sheet everyday at midnight. Today we have more than 500 records that are being pushed from BigQuery as rows, and as result, we face this message in Google Sheets:

Translating to English:

End of Visualization. This view shows the first 500 rows. Graphs, pivot tables and functions use the entire data set."

If I connect a Zap to this tab in my sheet, it will trigger for the new data that is added when the macro runs? Or I need to make a workaround to solve this?

Just to make clear the purpose of this automation: for every record that is added on our BigQuery database, we want to send an NPS email.

What do you guys suggest?


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1 reply

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Hey - It doesn’t look like the two are related. Have you tried running the zap? I’m not super familiar with BigQuery to be honest, but you should be able to set it up as you have described. Zapier will send each new row to BQ, so that 500 limit seems to be related to visualisations?