Google Sheets and Gmail Zap - Reply in thr same thread



 I’m trying to build a zap that send an email (gmail) when a google sheet row is updated.


let’s say this is how the sheet is:

City     Status

NY       Opened

LA        Closed

so if status updated, the zap should send email with the subject: {City} name, and the body: {Ctiy} is now {Status}

 All is good till now, Zap worked and email sent

The thing is: if the city status changed again, I want the zap the send an email but in the same thread, not a new email


so for example if NY status changed 3 times, I should have a thread of 3 emails (same thread) not 3 separate emails.

How to do that?


Thanks in advance.



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You can use the “Reply to email” action step to get all emails in the same thead.

To make it work, after sending the first email, you’ll need to save the ID of the Gmail message sent in Airtable so you can retrieve it later for ther reply.

You’ll need one zap for the first message sent, and one zap for any subsequent messages.

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Hi @Mrehim!

Something to note about the Google Sheets integration, seen here in our help docs:

If you're watching for changes to a column, we only see new values in that column. If you update the column of an existing row to a value that Zapier previously saw in that column, in that row, we won't see the new value. You will need to either choose a column that will only have unique values, or make a new one which will.

For example, if you had X in the Trigger column, then changed it to Y, the Zap would trigger. If you then changed it back to X it would not trigger again, because the Zap has already seen X in that column.

You may want to look into Airtable, as Andrew mentioned :)

Thanks @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu & @nicksimard 


well, I’ve tried Andrew’s solution, so I created 2 zaps, 1 to look for new added rows and send email

and the other to look for updated rows and reply to the email sent before


the thing is the zap keep showing an error that something wrong, in the option of “choose the thread that you want to reply to” I chose {city} name as I have many, as I don’t want the zap to reply to the same email every time, I want it to reply to that specific city thread.

to make it clear, for ex

 I have 2 rows, 1 for NY and the other for LA, and there are more and more.

so the zap sent an email once I added NY and another email for LA,

when the status changes, it should sent 2 replies, 1 to the NY thread, and the other to the LA thread.

I don’t want it to send all replies for all cities to NY thread only for example, as it doesn’t make sense then.

About “Air Table”, can you please explain more, I didn’t get it.

 Thanks a lottttttttttt both of you. Much appreciated 🙏🏻🙏🏻




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@Mrehim Can you show us a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu   HYG

the second ss, this is how I set the values for “thread” as I want the zap to search for the email with the same subject value and reply to that email.

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The thread fields needs to contain the ID of the initial email messages sent, not the subject line.

How can I find that id? Of course you don’t mean that I have to add every email sent one by one, as if I gonna edit the zap after each email sent to add it to the zap so the zap can reply to it later, it will be useless.

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@Mrehim You’ll want two zap, the first should send the first email. The output of that Gmail step will include the email ID. Save that to a column in Google Sheet.

The second zap should be configured to send followup emails. You can then map the Gmail ID from Google Sheets to the reply step.


Here is the 1st zap, and here are all fields, how can I make the zap add the email ID to the sheet after sending the email?




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@Mrehim One of the output fields of that step will be an ID for the email just sent.

Then just add a step to update your Google Sheet row with that ID.

If you want some more guided help building this, feel free to reach out.

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Hi @Mrehim, I wanted to circle back to see if you were able to get this workflow up and running?