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Google Sheet Updated -> Lookup Row Data On Updated Google Sheet -> Then Update Master Data Google Sheet

  • 18 September 2020
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In our current work flow, we submit a Google Form and then have a Zap that monitors the Form Submission Google Sheet, then when a new row is created it copies all the data over to a Master Data Google Sheet.

We then have another Zap that monitors the Master Data Google Sheet, when a new row is created on this sheet, the Zap Creates a New Google Worksheet from a template Google Sheet, Names it, then copies it into a specific folder, and then it copies all that data from the Master Data Sheet to the New Google Sheet.

All of this is working perfectly!  Whats not working is the next step.  We need to be able to make edits inside this New Google Worksheet, then have a zap that detects when ANY file in this folder is changed, then lookup that file, copy some fields of the row back over to the Master Data Sheet.  We attempted to do this by using the Google Drive “Updated File in Google Drive” Zap Trigger and it is picking up the file change and starting the Zap.  So we grab the Worksheet ID from this trigger, but can’t figure out away to find the dynamic Spreadsheet when using the trigger “Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” using this Worksheet ID.

Any Idea’s?


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Hi @rtochris ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that you have a great conversation going with Nikki in Support regarding this workflow.

I will let you all continue to troubleshoot but please circle back and let us know how you achieve this flow!