Google Sheet Supporting Lookup Column "is not empty"

  • 11 November 2022
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I’m running into a mental block with this action in Google Sheets. In a nutshell: “Find all of the leads with this URL who also have an email.”
Lookup Spreadsheet Rows (output as Line Items) by a specified value is straight forward, but an unspecified value as a supporting lookup is where I’m running into a wall.


I’d rather not switch to AirTable or add more formulas to my sheet as other help articles have mentioned.


Is this possible via basic formula in Zapier? If yes, what syntax would be best for this issue? (regex, standard gsheet syntax, etc)



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HI @daw_am!

That’s an interesting question. As you’ve found, you can’t search for a blank value, so we’ll have to find a workaround. 

Are you able to add a column to your Google Sheet? If so, you could use the =ISBLANK() function so that the value in each row is true if there isn’t an email and false if there is. You can then use that column as the supporting lookup column. 


Another possible option would be to add a filter step after the Lookup step to filter any records with an email, but that would use more tasks and could be tricky as you’d need to use Looping to filter based on the information in each row. 


I hope that’s clear, let us know if that solution will work for you or if we need to keep jamming on another idea :)