Google Sheet Re-format, Dropping Columns without values for specific rows

  • 29 November 2020
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Looking for some help with Google Sheets Formatting!


My end goal is to take information from a specific row to create a new google doc from a template.


Here are a few sample rows-


Here’s what the doc template looks like-


I only want an item (i.e. the column header food iteam) to show up if the quantity is greater than 0.


Is there a way to use zapier formater or conditions to create an intermediate sheet/tab?


This is what my Zap is looking like so far:



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2 replies

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Hello @Easy Eats can you provide more information regarding the items (item 1 2 3..) is item 1 : scrambled eggs, item 2 :  sausage patty .. etc


So for the qty you wanna get the addition of each row so for the qty for scrambled eggs you wanna get (1+4+1+6= 12) ? is that right ? 

and you only want for a row to be created if item has at leat 1 in qty ? so for example if sausage patty didn’t have 1+1 in qty but instead it had 0 it should show on the doc is that correct ? 


thanks for taking time to make It easier for me to understand your need 

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@Easy Eats 
Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?