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Google sheet data to create up to 5 emails to groups of recipients (up to 4)

  • 27 October 2021
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Hi. I run a golf date matching service for single golfers to play the Old Course in St Andrews.
A golfer can register up to 5 date requests to play. I then try to match them with other golfers looking at the same date. If there is a match I email them with details of their match and their fellow golfer details. A max of 4 golfers can be matched to play together and so each email would be sent to up 4 recipients.

As there are up to 5 dates on which they can match, and a max of 4 players per date there would a maximum of 5 emails generated (1 per matched date) each addressed to a maximum of 4 recipients. The minimum would be 1 email generated to a minimum of 2 people (ie. only 1 date found a match and it was with just one other person).

The match information is automatically generated in google sheets. I would like Zapier to use my match data and generate these 1-5 emails for me (or at least create a draft of them for me so I can check before sending).

I can create the underlying google sheet data in a variety of ways depending on how best / simplest to tackle this. For now I have provided this example of one option. I would be very happy to receive any advice if there would be a better underlying spreadsheet layout to work from.

Attached is the current match information I have in my spreadsheet. The field headings for the 7 information columns I would like to use in my email are marked in dark grey. In the example here I would like to generate 4 emails (as per the color coding). 
Email 1 would be addressed to person1/2/ &
Email 2 would be addressed to person1 & 2
Email 3 would be addressed to person1 & 2
Email 4 would be addressed to person1 & 2

I have also attached an example of the email I would like to send to the golfers who have a date match.

I am a new user of Zapier, killing to give anything a go if pointed in the right direction. I’m not a developer,  but happy to learn! I am on the starter plan (up to 20 zaps) Many thanks.


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Hi @toll02 

I’d suggest looking into using Airtable instead of GSheets:

Airtable is a relational database app that can have linked records:

Airtable has Views with Filters that can be used to trigger Zaps:

Airtable has Automations as well:


Might be best to consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help you with your project:

Appreciate the heads up Troy, thanks very much for your reply. I had just started looking at Airtable. Lots of time invested in G sheets so would be good to find a solution /temporary workaround if only to bridge the gap between now and learning Airtable/integrating my existing data.

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Make sure to review the available help articles for using GSheets in Zaps:

GSheets have to be structured a certain way to work with Zaps.