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Google Lead Form Extensions Sync with Mailchimp

  • 10 May 2021
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I have been connecting few Google Lead Form Extensions with Mailchimp, but it is not working fine at all. I have three fields sync from Google: email, name and surname but only can I have the email. I have check the zap and it seems to be right. I have delete it and I have started from scracch but it repeats the same problem.
Any idea about it?


Best answer by Pascual 17 May 2021, 08:44

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9 replies

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Hi @Pascual 

cc: @GetUWired 

Once you select an Audience in the Add/Update Subscriber action, the custom MERGE fields will appear, or you can use the [Refresh fields] button.

Can you please provide screenshots of how your Zap steps are currently configured with the mapped data points?

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Hi Troy and GetUWired,

Here it is the problem. I can select the Google Ads field Given Name to FNAME in Mailchimp and it seems to work properly but at the end not. Mailchimp doesn't get the name and the surname.



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Hi @Pascual 

The trigger step example being used seems to have dummy data.

For example, “FirstName” and “LastName”.

Try selecting a different sample record from the trigger that has real data:

Check your Zap Runs here for the DATA IN/OUT for each step:


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Hi Troy,

I have checked the options with this trigger and still is not working properly. It Syncs the email but not the field name and surname. So it is not the example names. Any other idea?


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Hey Pascual! 

The key parts here are what happens when the Zap runs live. Once you’ve run the Zap, you’ll be able to check your Zap Run History to find the details of that specific Zap run.

From there, check out the Data Out tab of your Google Ads step, which will show you the name of the fields Zapier gets from Google. You can then check to make sure that those are the fields that you’ve mapped in your Mailchimp step. You’ll also see what information Zapier is sending to Mailchimp in the Data In tab in the Mailchimp step.

As long as all of those match and have data being sent, that should get the information you’re hoping on to Mailchimp.

If you’re still not seeing that, can you please send over a screenshot of:

  1. The Mailchimp set up in the Zap editor
  2. The Data Out tab of the Google Ads step
  3. The Data In tab of the Mailchimp step.

Please blur out any customer or personal data in those fields, but leave the details of the field names.

That will let us confirm that Zapier is getting the correct information and sending it to the right place.


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Try turning the Zap ON and submitting a live lead to trigger the Zap.

Check your Zap Runs here for the DATA IN/OUT for each step:

Is the first name and last name being provided from the trigger step (DATA OUT) for a live lead?


Otherwise, try hardcoding values for first/last name and testing that way.

If those data points come thru to Mailchimp, then you know the issues to continue to troubleshoot is with the trigger step.


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Hi Laurie and Troy,

This an example of data out from Google Form

and then to Mailchimp data out


It seems that the trigger check the full name and probably it is the problem but in the Google Form is working with name and surname. Do you think We can figure it out? Anyway Laurie if you want to have a look this account client, please find


Thanks a lot.





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Hi, Finally I have found the solution. There are two apps to connect the Google Ads leads forms. The one I was working at the beginning is this one, from Google Ads but it doesn’t work correctly at all because don not sync all the fields.



Then I have tested this one, and now I can say that this is the right app to work with Google Lead Form