Google Forms x Zendesk - Update tickets when theres a new Forms submission

  • 18 March 2021
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Hello, I’m having some difficulties accomplishing this and would like to pick the brains of the community.

Objective: I would like to update tickets with a new private comment everytime there is a new Google Forms submission, the tricky part here is that I want to update the tickets specified in the Google Forms submission. What I meant was that one of the questions asked in the Google Forms is “Ticket Number” and I’d like an automation where it reads that information, searches for the correct ticket in Zendesk and then updates that specific ticket with a summary of the forms responses in the form of an internal comment.


Is this doable?



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4 replies

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Hi @andrew.guo 

Try using these steps in the Zap...

  1. Trigger: GForm - New Entry
  2. Action: Zendesk - Find Ticket (might not be needed if you can map the Ticket ID to step 3 dynamically)
  3. Action: Zendesk - Add Comment to Ticket


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Thanks for the suggestion, one issue I run into is that the ticket id for “Add comment to ticket” doesn’t seem to be able to change dynamically according to the Google Form’s ticket id.

Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?



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Check out this help article about how to dynamically map the data point using the ‘Custom’ option in a field.

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Hey @andrew.guo!
Just checking in here to see if you saw Troy’s latest reply? Were you able to get the desired workflow set up here? 

Please let us know!