Google Forms to Shortcut integration

  • 1 November 2021
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Platforms I am connecting:

  1. Google Forms
  2. Google Sheet (Google Form Responses sheet)
  3. Shortcut - (it is a tool similar to Trello/Asana)

What I am currently doing

  1. Whenever someone submits a Google Form, a new Card is created in Shortcut

What I want to achieve but I cannot

  1. Once the Shortcut Card is created, I want to add the permalink of this Card back to the row in the Google Sheet next to the response which was captured

I keep getting this Error:


'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'


I am trying to share the Zap but it doesnt allow me to share it as there is the above error in the Zap

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4 replies

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Hey @Likesh ,


Can you post screenshot of how have you configured your action to update cell values?

Step 1 and 2 - Here I am creating a new card for every new row.

This is working fine.

Step 3 - Here I am looking up the correct row to add the URL to.
I thought I could use the timestamp field as the lookup column. As the timestamp for card creation in Shortcut can be 3-4 mins ahead of the timestamp of the google sheet row entry


Step 4 - Here I am trying to  add the URL to the “Shortcut URL” Column in the Live Updates Worksheet.

The live updates worksheet is nothing but a live copy of the Form Responses sheet.



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Hi @Likesh 

This field expects a row ID (aka number), not a Timestamp value.


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Hey @Likesh ,


@Troy Tessalone has already pointed 1 issues in your Zap. I think there is 1 more issue which i have found. You have to select Lookup column from the dropdown and not add custom field.



Just for example, correct way is below.



BTW are you updating in same Google Spreadsheet? If Yes, than you don’t need lookup action. You will get row id from trigger which you can use in the update row action.