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Google Forms to Asana

  • 23 April 2020
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Ive created a google form to auto create a task in Asana once filled out. But the zap is not matching up form field answers from google (i.e. Vendor) with column fields Ive created for the project in Asana. Ive named everything exactly the same. Is this possible? Tips? Tricks?


Thank you


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6 replies

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Hello and welcome! This should absolutely be possible if you map the Google Forms fields over to Asana.

In case you don’t know: You can click the text boxes in the second step of your Zap and you to see all of your Google Forms columns there. Like this: 


You need to do this for every field you want to transfer over. Again, maybe you know this, in which case I’m sorry for over explaining! If you did this and it’s not working, can you send a screenshot over? That will help us help you. 

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Thanks @jpot . Uploading these screenshots, 2 scenarios, changing the field settings in Zapier. I must be overlooking something here!?!. Help! :)






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Hi @Crackentee - Thanks for your patience. It looks like you said Owari’s answer to you helped. We’re sharing it so others may know what the solution provided was:

I took a dive into your Zap and the first thing I noticed is that what is being mapped into the dropdown field's don't match with the ID's -


Those icons represent dropdown fields in Zapier. If you see those, it means that there is usually some ID that's needed here for this field to work as intended.

What this means is, while you may have mapped in 'Internal' into the Vendor field,


The field itself really is looking for the ID below the name - i.e - 117256 xxxx Which represents that field in Asana.

So, we need a way to translate names into their respective keys - You'll want to create a Lookup Table to match these together. A Lookup Table basically translates one value to another so you can use that new value later. In this case, you would make a table that has the names on the left side, and the IDs on the right side.

This will allow us to match one with another in the Zap.

You can read all about lookup tables on the page below, there's even a neat video that helps explain it a bit better:

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Thanks! Is there a way to auto populate if “Other____” is chosen and filled out?



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Hi @Crackentee, thanks for the question! I noticed in your screenshot that the “Other” field is empty. Are you attempting to populate if there is data in the “Other” field? 

As another note, I have used Paths by Zapier to have conditional outcomes so I would recommend seeing if using this as your last step in your Zap would yield you the result you desire.

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Thanks @steph.n  When the “Other” choice is chosen and filled out in the form, I am trying to get that “fill in the blank” option to populate in the coulum in Asana. In my example the column would populate with “My other answer.” It looks like Paths might help, but I am not on a professional plan :/ I may need to forgo the “Other” option for now. Thank you for your insight on this!