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Google Drive: Share With Specific Users

  • 11 September 2020
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I am currently using Zapier to create a new Google Drive folder as a custom workspace for 2 or more users.

I can create the Drive Folder, but I’m unable to limit sharing to just those two users.  Options are limited to anyone-with-link or my-domain-only.  Limiting access on a per-user basis is critical for us.

Anyone know of a way to add specific users via a Zap?  I’m not technical enough to manage this directly through Google’s API.

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5 replies

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Are you a Gsuite user?

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Yes — I’m using a corporate GSuite account.  The user I’m using is the org Admin with full admin rights.

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So far it is right what you said, only org or internet can be shared.

But you can easily do it with js or python in Zapier. feel free to start a PM.

@steph.n can you add selecting user IDs  for sharing to the Apps Dev. list, please?

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Ah ok thank you -- that’s good to know.

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I was gonna try to do it with a custom Drive API webhook request in zapier


This is the parameters to share it publicly"Spreadsheet_ID"/permissions?role=reader&type=anyone&key="API Key"

But zapier is throwing me an error to log in.


As long as the API supports sharing to specific users - which it does, it’s possible to do it with a custom webhook request.

Question is how to get rid of the login error..