Google Drive and *New* Files

  • 2 March 2020
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I have a process that drops single files and/or multiple files into a Google Drive folder multiple times a day.

I have a Zap setup to watch that folder and email new files to a given email address.

However, it is not triggering on all the files.

I have read about what is considered a new file, as explained here:

Google Drive - Integration Help & Support | Zapier but, even after I edit the file (even substantially) the modified date changes, but the file is not picked up as 'new'

any thoughts on a work around or fix for this?

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2 replies

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Hi @Geno

The best thing to do here is to contact support. They have access to more detailed logs and should be able to tell you why specific files that should appear new are not.

You can open a ticket here:

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Hi @Geno! Thanks for checking out the help guides on this one.

Can I double check something, please? You said that you're editing the files - is that before or after they are moved into the folder? To confirm, they would need to have been modified fewer than 4 days ago and then moved into the folder. If they're moved then edited, it wont trigger the Zap.