Google Drive Action - Replace File - Does it change the file ID?

  • 3 February 2022
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Hi. I’m working on a project where I received an emailed file each day from a reporting platform in XLSX format. Through a zap, I am picking up the attachment via email and replacing a file in Google Drive with it. I’m using that sheet as a data source for Google Data Studio, but when I replace the file, the connection breaks with my dashboard. 

I am wondering if the replace function changes the file ID, or if it’s something more mundane that’s causing the problem. Would appreciate any help or insights! 

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2 replies

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Hi @atwookie 

Yes, I believe the File ID changes when you replace a File on GDrive, but always best to test to verify the results.

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No, it does not. You are replacing the file located at the file id with another file. The id will stay the same. Think of the id as the location of where the file is in Google Drive. If it changed, you would be deleting the file and creating an entirely new one. Not replacing what was stored. 

File id before running Zap

File id after running Zap