Google Doc PDF not consistently being added to email as attachment

  • 19 March 2022
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See previous post for background info: 

I have a Zap set up that does the following steps

  1. Checks for New/Updated records in an Airtable view
  2. Creates a Google Doc from a template based on the info in the record
  3. Emails that Google Doc out as a PDF attachment to the email address in the Airtable record (By attaching the Export Links Application/pdf link from the previous step)

Upon trying this again with a “Delay After Queue” step implemented, most of the emails sent were completely fine and attached the PDF as intended. But a random selection of records, the attachment to the email was ServiceLogin.htm, and my clients weren’t able to access the PDF.

Anyone have this happen or have a workaround for how to prevent it from happening in the future? 

I received advice to try adding in the delay step - which didn’t work. I also tried doing smaller batches (I was initially doing 200 - I’m now only doing 40 - edit: tried it with 5 and it still happened) - and the issue still happened. I saw some posts indicating that it was something timing out - is there a way to fix it? Seems like Zapier may not be the solution for me if this keeps happening.

Thanks for any advice!


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Hi @user138 

Good question.

You may need a longer Delay After Queue buffer.

What is your Delay After Queue currently set to?