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Google Contacts: Searching and returning multiple matching contacts

  • 13 March 2023
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I have a requirement to find multiple matching Google Contacts that may have the same email address. I’m using email address as the search criteria using ‘Find Contact’ action and have also tried looking at ‘Zapier Loop’ to see if this would help but I’ve reached a dead end. Any help from the Zapier community would be greatly appreciated. Is this possible at all?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 March 2023, 05:50

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4 replies

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Hi @confused 

Good question.

Most Zap triggers/actions work on a per record basis, meaning only 1 record’s data.

You’d have to use the GContacts API Request to search for multiple contacts.


Thank you Troy that is somewhat comforting to know there is a solution but using API request for now is beyond my skills set. Is there a way to use ‘Loop for Zapier’ to achieve this instead?

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Looping will not work for your use case because it could continue to find the same GContact.

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Hi @confused 

I see that you’ve been working with our Support team. You may want to continue the conversation there.