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Google Contact with certain label creates / updates Trello card in certain list

  • 22 April 2021
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I’m new to Zapier and taking my first steps. I would like to connect my Google Contacts with Trello and perform a certain action: a new contact is supposed to create a new card in Trello, which is pretty easy. BUT: I use labels in Google Contacts like “Business”, “Friends”, “Family” and I would like Zapier to sort those labeled contacts into the equally named lists on Trello (I do NOT want to label the Trello card!). 

Another problem is, that I would like to UPDATE the Trello card when the according Google Contact has been changed instead of creating a completely new card. 

Is it possible to merge those actions into one zap? I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Could you please help me on those two topics?

Thanks a lot!



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Hi @Atg87,


There are several ways to get this done.

  1. Using multiple zaps: You can copy your current Zap and add a filter between two apps to allow only certain labels to go on and create trello card in the corresponding board. You will have to duplicate the zaps for each labels.
  2. Using Path operation: Using path after Google contact trigger, you can redirect contact to different board using the path filter.

Alright, I got that, thanks a lot! 

But how do I tell Zapier to update changed information on a card instead of creating a new one? E.g. if one of my contacts changes his/her phone number and I change that on Google Contacts, the number on the Trello Card (contained in the description) should update too. Should I use a filter for that too? And if so, can you help me with the settings?

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@Atg87 Ohhhh this is a great Zap challenge. 

Here’s the high-level view of it (in theory):

Trigger: Google Contacts — New or Updated Contact
Path A (only continue if it’s a new contact)
Action: Formatter — Lookup Table (take the label from Google Contacts and output the Trello list ID)
Action: Trello — Create Card (use the Trello list ID from the lookup table above)
Path B (only continue if it’s an updated contact)
Action: Trello — Find Card
Action: Trello — Update Card (using the card ID that you find in the search step above)

Now comes the more complicated part.

Google Contacts triggers on both new AND updated contacts

There are no fields that come through the trigger that indicate whether this is a new contact or an updated one. So we have to get creative. In this help doc we mention one technique. But the problem with doing this in your case is that you still do want to continue in the Zap if a contact is updated. This will create a loop. New contact created → trigger Zap then update contact → Zap triggers because you updated the contact.
If you can find a way around this, we could go through how to set up the rest of it :)