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Google Calendar > Hubspot Task

  • 4 July 2020
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Hi hi! 

I’m looking to create a Zap that looks something like this:


  • Trigger App: Google Calendar
  • Event: Event Ends
  • Search Term: “Session” (all events on my calendar when I want this to happen have the word “Session” in them)

Response/ Then Do This:

  • App: Hubspot
  • Event: Create Calendar Task in Hubspot
  • Date: Event Ends **Plus 2 Months**

Basically, I’d like to automatically have the system create a Task for me in Hubspot that’s a reminder for me to follow up with a client 2 months after our calls (or any designated amount of time AFTER our call ends). 

Does anyone know a way to do this?


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8 replies

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Hi @Brandi!


With any date/time field in a Zap step, you can use modifiers to add (or remove) time. You can learn more about them in this guide: Adjust date and time values in Zaps


In this case you would put the date from Google Calendar and then  +2month - note the space at the beginning there, you must include a space between date/time value and the modifier for it to work. 

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Thanks so much, @Danvers! That’s perfect. Do you also happen to know if there’s any way to associate the task with a particular contact in Hubspot? 

I’m guessing I’d have to do something like add a Search portion to the Zap that searched for the person related to the event, where it searched for that contact in Hubspot. But the Hubspot portion of the Zap alone does not have a field where I’m allowed to assign the task to a specific contact.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Brandi - Stepping in here for Danvers. Yes, you can associate the task with a particular contact in HubSpot using the Find Contact Action in a multi-step Zap, but I’m afraid we don’t yet have the feature to add Calendar Task to a Deal that you could use to assign it. I’ve gone ahead and requested this feature on your behalf. We’ll reach out to you as soon as there’s an update to share. Thanks!

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@steph.n Thanks so much! 

But also—is not having the feature to add a Calendar Task to a Deal the same thing as not having a feature to add a Calendar Task to a Contact in HubSpot? I’m not very good at HubSpot yet so I haven’t really been using Deals. I’m mostly just wanting to assign a task to a person/Contact.

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Hi @Brandi, I’ve done some digging and you’re right, you can add a Calendar Task to a Contact as well as to a deal in HubSpot, I’m sorry that we didn’t spot that initially!


I’ve created a new feature request for the ability to Create a task that’s associate with a Contact. This will:

  1. ​Let the HubSpot team know that this addition will be helpful for you
  2. ​Track interest in the addition - if other users request the same thing, we'll add their vote to the request
  3. ​Remind us to send you an email if/when we have an update on this
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Hey, @Danvers! Thanks for this! Just to clarify, you can’t add a Calendar Task to a Contact in HubSpot, right? That’s what you meant? Hence needing the feature request?

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Hi @Brandi ,

Hopping in for Danvers here!

Yep, correct- you cannot currently add a Calendar Task to a Contact in Hubspot :slight_smile: We have heard back from HubSpot on this request and they relayed the following:

Associations of calendar tasks with contacts are not supported. "Create Calendar Task" action is for tasks on the Marketing calendar. For tasks associated with the CRM and CRM objects, please use "Create Engagements" action and chose type TASK.

Hoping the above would be a possibility for your workflow!

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Hey! Thanks for relaying this, @Liz_Roberts. It’s strange, as I only asked the question because I currently have a free plan with Hubspot and can absolutely create tasks for a particular Contact. So, it’s a bit confusing that they’re saying it can’t be done. But I think we can drop this thread; I’ve shut down the part of my business that needed it, regardless. Was just following through now because it would have been good to know. But, thanks for searching.