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Google Calendar can't update event. Error message: not found

  • 18 October 2020
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I am also experiencing the very same issue.


My Zap is:

  1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  2. Create Detailed Event in Google Calendar
  3. Update Event in Google Calendar

When editing the Zap:

  1. Test ⇒ OK
  2. Test ⇒ OK - and the test event is properly created in the calender with the attributes taken from the Google sheet
  3. Test ⇒ Fail, with error: The app returned "Not Found".

It seems that it’s not possibile to find the event in the calendar - but why? To what I must pay attention so that the event is found? In configuration of 3. I set up the event fields in the very same way of point 2. (at least, I think so), but the event is “not found”. What are the criteria used to search for the event to be modified?

More generally speaking: is this the proper Zap to create events in goolge calendar from Google sheets AND keep them updated if something the sheet changes?


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Hi there, @pier! I hope you don’t mind that I moved your post to a new thread - I wanted to make sure that folks could see your question :) 


You’ll need to check a couple of things here..

  1. The Calendar in the Update event step  needs to be the same as the Calendar in the Create Detailed event step. If you have more than one Calendar in your account, make sure that you’re using the same one for both steps. 
  2. In the Update event step you need to use the event ID of the event from the Create Detailed event step


If you’ve checked both of those and it doesn’t solve the problem, then the best thing to do is to get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form:

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Hi @Danvers ,


I applied your suggestion as per point 2. - and the test now passes.

But, when I update a row in the goole spreadsheet, its event is duplicated and not updated.

Indeed, I think I miss something: how Zapier correlates an arbitrary row in the spreadsheet with a previously created event? I mean, my use case is as follows:

  1. given a spreadsheet with N rows, where each row has: event description, event date
  2. I want Zapier to:
    1. add events to the calendar from the data in the spreadsheet (1 row ⇒ 1 event)
    2. if I change the date of an event in the spreadsheet, Zapier has to change the date of the previously created event in the calendar

Is this possible at all with Zapier?


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It sounds like you need to change the steps in your Zap a little. Instead of using a ‘Create event’, use a Find event:


  1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  2. Find event in Google Calendar
  3. Update Event in Google Calendar

In the Find event step, tick the box that lets you create an event if one isn’t found. Then fill in all the details of the event in the section below it. 


That means that the step will find an event if one already exists (because the row in Google Sheets already existed) and will create a new event if on wasn’t found (if a new event/row is added in Google Sheets).