Google Assistance parameters list?

When attempting to setup a script from Google Assistance, following this template:

It prompted 2 questions:

“What's would you like to name the task?”

“What notes would you like to add?”

With no clear indicator where is it stored.

In the Action section, to populate Asana new task, I need to enter which field/param/arg coming from Google Assistance to pass into which field of the next message request sending to Asana.

Asana side  an empty task was created with no content. Given I didn’t set any fields in the action it make sense.


Please fix.


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Hi @snowsguoguo!

For your questions about:

“What's would you like to name the task?”

“What notes would you like to add?”


The name of the task is displayed in the Zap editor. Naming steps is useful if you have a long Zap as it helps you to remember what each step of the Zap does. The Zap notes can be found in the Zap summary


For the fields to add to Asana, do you have prompts for additional information in the Assistant trigger? If you do, you’ll need to follow the steps in this help doc to test the trigger and get the information for the next step of your Zap: How to Get Started with Google Assistant on Zapier 

I know from your other post that some of the information in that guide wasn’t helpful, I’m sorry about that. If you follow the instructions there for testing the trigger and are still having trouble, please let us know.



Exact same problem, the google assistant will ask me for Prompts for additional information, but the answers that I provide never comes through to zapier so that I could use it for anything. “Insert data” from google assistant returns datetime, device has audio, locale, session id, input type, language code, device has media playback, device has web browser and device has screen. I could have a 100 prompts for additional information, but there’s no way to return any of those. Sure, google assistant will ask me all the additional prompts, but my answers wont seem to be stored anywhere after that, so it’s useless.

Example: I can make a new zap with google assistant to trigger on “post to facebook” - then I can give the zap a prompt for additional information which triggers the google assistant to ask me “ok, what do you want to post?”. Whatever I answer after that, doesn’t matter because my answer wont seem to move from google assistant to zapier. Please fix this asap, it’s useless to trigger zaps without additional prompts or parameters.

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Hi @wantti,

Unfortunately, it looks like you're running into a bug in the Pushed Voice Message trigger. I've added you to the report as an affected user. While I don't know the timeline for when the issue will be resolved, we'll send you an email as soon as we have an update.
To work around this issue in the meantime, there are two potential solutions:

  1. How to manually map fields that do not appear in the sample data (aka "custom pill mapping")
  2. How to get live sample data if your Trigger isn't getting the right values

Hopefully, this helps!