Google Analytics measurement missing fields

  • 19 January 2021
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Hello everyone!

I’m using Google analytics measurement to create custome events.

The problem is that when I look at the event in Google Analytics I have the field "Page" = (not set) and the field "Full Referrer" = (direct) and they are both wrong.

Now I have two questions:

  1. To provide the field "Full Referrer" I suppose I have to set a value for the parameter "Document Referrer" in the Measurement. Right? (see attached image)
    I tried that, but I still see “direct” ad a Referrer.
  2. To provide the field "Page" I suppose I have to set a value for the parameter "Document location URL" in the Measurement (see official documentation). The problem is that in the list of parameters that Zapier shows me for a Measurement I don't see "Document location URL". How can I fix that?

Thanks in advance


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1 reply

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Hi @rraf ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that Hanz from our Support team has reached out with some questions and a potential workaround. I will let them continue to dig in, but please let us know if the workaround does the trick!