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I’m trying to create a zap to transfer my google tasks to Microsoft to-do.

The basics are easy but I’m stuck on the email transfer.

When I create a new task from an google email, I’m getting this information:



type: email

description: Fwd: some email title


And the most I’m geting to do is to transfer the link to Microsoft To-do to create a new task.


What I want is to transfer the email file itself and/or the emails text and data.

What can i do? Can it be done?



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I am not completely sure what you are trying to achieve here @juststarting . Could you share a screenshot of your current Zap workflow and fields you are using etc. ?

If I got it, you are trying to:

  • Send an email to some addres
  • Retrieve the email
  • Create a microsoft to-do task with content of email?

Please share some more details thanks


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1 - I open any email, in google. Some of them can generate a need for task.

2 - The new task (in Google) has an link so I can access the email that generated it. Lets call it “Parent email”


3 - In my Zap I get:

4 -  to Microsoft To-Do I’m sending the link itself 

5 - to Microsoft To-Do I’m need to send not the email link but the email file and/or content/attachments/ etc


Can it be done?

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Hi @juststarting 

Sorry we missed this! Did you get things sorted out, or do you still need help?