Gmail to Evernote Keep HTML Format of email

  • 17 November 2022
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I’m trying to set up a Zap that will auto-forward emails and adds the normal forward header you see when you manually forward an email.  However, when I even just insert the body field it doesn’t keep the original format of the email and it’s just garbled up with no formatting.  How do I keep the format of the body of the email and add some info to the note formatted?  I get malformed if I use Body HTML and that is in a built-in template.  How can I use an action with Body HTML so I can keep the format of the email.


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5 replies

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Hi @tboggiano 

Good question.

You may have to use HTML with the rest of the Content as well.

I can’t find that option.

If I use the regular Body HTML it gives the malformed.  I assume that is what you are referring to, using the plain text it sends but then the formatting is off.

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We’d need to see screenshots with the output for the different variations you are trying to have more info to evaluate.

Not sure, but possibly if you use a combination of Body HTML and non-HTML for the rest of the Content that might be why.

So you may need to use HTML to add line breaks, etc to the other parts of the Content you are trying to send. (e.g. From, Subject, etc.)



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Hi @tboggiano, we’d love to help, please add screenshots are your earliest convenience if you are still facing issues getting this Zap setup!