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Gmail setup signature is an attachment

  • 9 December 2020
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I am automating gmails from a Google sheet but when I set up the Zap, the email sent has my ‘signature/sign-off’ in an attachment. I tried both plain & HTML settings in the Zap workflow but my normal email signature doesn’t appear correctly, except in an attachment. thankyou


Best answer by christina.d 29 October 2022, 02:35

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46 replies

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Are you choosing your signature in the Signature field in the Zap Gmail action step?

Be sure to see the notes underneath the field for additional info.

Also, check this help article:

Thanks you Troy - I chose my one & only ‘signature default’ that Zapier found and presented to me for selection, which I assumed was my normal gmail signoff.  

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@bethc checking in to make sure you were able to get this Zap sorted! Let us know if you are still encountering issues!

Hi Liz,

I have the same problem and see this thread is still open.

Here’s what it looks like and yes, the signature is set correctly according to your instructions in my gmail account.

I hope you can help!

Thank you!


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Hi @JohandeKock

I can see that this trouble with the signature has been reported as a bug with the Zapier Gmail integration. I’ve added you as an affected user on the issue, which lets the team know how many people are affected and also means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update. 

Could I also ask which app you’re using when you see this error with the signature? For example Gmail’s web app, the phone app, outlook, etc. We’ve seen that some apps are affected by this bug and some aren’t, so we’re gathering as much information as possible. Thank you!

Hi @Danvers

I am having the same issue. Could you please add me as an affected user, too? Where do I find a bug overview?

In our cases, only using Gmail shows the signature correctly. Using other apps like Outlook, Aquamail, standard iOS email app show the signature as attachment.

Furthermore, my sent Gmails always appear in the recipient’s spam folder.

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Hi @lukasvr 

Thanks for your message, I’ve added you as an affected user on this bug.

We don’t have a public view of the bug, but I can confirm that we’re seeing something similar to what you’ve said: the signature works when viewed in Gmail but not for:

  • MS Outlook
  • Windows Mail
  • Outlook Webmail
  • iOS (on iPhones)

I’ll add that you’re also seeing the error when viewing emails with Aquamail, thanks for sharing that with us!


Regarding sent Gmails appearing in Spam, I can’t see a known bug related to that. With that issue, it’s best to contact the Zapier support team as they will be able to dig into your Zap with you. You can contact them using the Get Help form. I suspect that they will ask you if other emails sent from your Gmail inbox go to people’s spam folders so it’s worth testing that and letting the support team know what you find in your message to them. 

We’re having this issue too!

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Hi @SCR Music!

I have added you as an affected user for this issue.


Can you add me as affected user too ?

Please note that the bug also appears when the mail is sent to a Yahoo Mail box

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Thanks for your message. I’ve added you as an affected user on the bug and added a note to let the team know that it’s affecting Yahoo email as well!

Please add me as an affected user. Same thing. Signature showing as attachment in Outlook. Works fine in Gmail. Thanks!

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Hi @cmichael!

Your vote has been added to that feature request, which means you'll be notified via email when it's been implemented.

Have there been any resolutions to this problem yet? Please add me as an affected user. The signature is showing as an attachment in Outlook as well and works fine in Gmail.

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Hey @KCWeb, hope you’re doing well!

I just added you to the report!

While it doesn’t look like we have anything new to share just yet, I have you on the notification list to be alerted ASAP once we know more and there is a resolution. :)

I am having the same issue with signature as an attachment and email going to spam. Has this been resolved?

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HI @Cerickson 

This hasn’t been resolved yet, I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you on that front. I’ve added you to the list of affected users and we’ll send you an email when we have an update.

Please add me to the report as well.

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Hi @Ryan Flower!

I’ve added you as an affected user as well.

Hi @Danvers @nicksimard I am having this as well on the iphone default mail client!

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Hey @PHH,

Thanks for letting us know, I’ve just added you to the list of affected users on the bug report as well. We’ll be in touch by email to let you know when it’s been resolved! :)

Will you add us to the affected users list as well?  Our email bodies in Zapier are set to html, and the signature is coming through as an HTML attachment when viewed in Gmail on Safari. It is working correctly in the Gmail mobile app, though.

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Hey @Get Lit - Words Ignite! :)

Happy to confirm that I’ve added you to the list as well. We’ll email you as soon as it’s been fixed!  

please add me as well, I’m having the same issue Thanks

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Hey @megan11!

Sorry you’re running into this issue as well. I’ve added you to the list. I don’t have an ETA on this but we’ll send you an email once we have an update! :)