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  • 10 December 2021
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I’m looking for an advise on how leverage Zapier for the following use case.

We want to send on a specific date an congratulations email to an employee who celebrates his/her company anniversary. All details are known in advance and we’d like to automate it.

  • Automatically sending email to a predefined recipient, at a defined future date.
  • Source: Google Sheet with all names, date, email addresses
  • Mail: Gmail
  • Personalized email message : “Dear [Firstname]”
  • Sender: me / personal account (no group mailbox)

Idea: Run the automation once and let Gmail send out the email by schedule send.

Many thanks.

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3 replies

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If you have a list of anniversaries in GSheets, you could use Schedule by Zapier as your trigger, then every day action a lookup in the column containing the dates for today’s date (maybe using {{zap_meta_human_now}} to get today’s date). Then if it finds a row with today’s date in send an email using a Gmail action step to the email address and first name from that row.

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Hey @BennySpaceman ,


@marms_tj has already shared a solution. You will have to use Loops by Zapier also.

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Hi @BennySpaceman 

Probably easiest to use GCal Event Start as your Zap trigger and setup a recurring event.

Check out this handy help article for creating your own named variables:


Or you can do a GSheets Lookup Row step in the Zap to find the data to then populated the Gmail Send Email step.