Gmail attachments not being attached to Asana tasks

  • 21 October 2021
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I can not attach gmail pdf attachments to my asana task - is this possible ?

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4 replies

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Hi @paul stephenson 

Yes, that is possible to do via Zapier. You need to create a Zap like this:


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Hi @paul stephenson 

You may need to add a Step to your Zap to first find or create the Asana Task.

this rule will not work - as it requires me to specify the ‘task’ to add the attachment too

that would mean i would have to create a new zap for every single email

let me explain

  • we have set up an Asana project
  • we have a gmail account - where our ERP system emails/attaches a PDF invoice and another PDF contract terms document (so at least 2 attachments)
  • i want Zapier to 
    • from a new email in to inbox
    • with specific subject : INVOICE  AND 123456 (being the customer account code)
    • from: a specific email address
  • create in asana
    • create new task
    • to a specific project
    • to a specific asana section
    • name  = task id = the email subject (because that will be unique for every printed invoice from ERP)
    • set a due date
    • set an assignee
    • set a status
    • attach all the attachments on to this task


I tried the insert attachment option - but it expects me to select a specific task to attach it to, which must already exist ? - i can’t create the single task / set the values (per above) - as it only allows project/task selection


i had a gmail forwarding rule in to Asana working - but it would not let me set all the variables on the task


any other advice ?


tks Paul


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@paul stephenson

You may need to add a Step to your Zap to first find or create the Asana Task.