Gmail -> Attachements problem through Zapier

  • 24 August 2020
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I have created a zap successfully to sent labelled e-mails with attachments from my gmail to Brick FTP.

Everything works fine but time to time without any apparent reasons, I have some attachements that are not recovered by Zapier.

For exemple I received two emails at 7:22am that are automatically labelled “X”, each emails contain an attachment. In the “Task Logs” at 7:38 , I can see a “Success” and that Zapier successfully retrieved my attachements for one of the emails but one of them is missing. This Zap is working for approximately 5000 zap a month and I don’t understand why and it seems to happen without any real cause ones or twice a month. 

The problem does not come from Gmail since the email is labelled correctly and what should trigger my Zap is this specific LabeL. 
Furthermore since I don’t have any Error in my Task History I cannot see which attachments were not well sent and I have to look at each log to know which one are missing.

Does anyone know about this problem ? Is it a bug from Zapier ?

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2 replies

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Please share screenshots of your Zap steps and Zapier Task History error examples.

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Here my Zap steps :



So everything works well and time to time there is some files missing while in my task logs I don’t have anything showing an error :

And next day everything is fine again :

So I can see that files are missing in the 20th of august since everyday i receive the same emails with the same files from the same senders. The only differences is the content of the files. 

Do you know what causes that ?

Thank you for your help