Getting Stuck at the "Property" value at the Google Analytics zap

  • 31 October 2022
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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I am new to Zapier and I really need to do Stripe automation with Google Analytics. 

But the problem is that I'm stuck at the "Set up action" step in the "Property" part. I need to choose a value but I don't know what and it's empty. Can you help me please?

5 replies

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Hi @eddyjellal, welcome to Zapier and to the Community!

Could you share some more information about your Zap and what you’re trying to do? What are you trying to record in Google analytics and which Analytics action are you using in your Zap? If we have some more information we can start looking at this with you :)

Hi , Having hard time to setup zapier google analytics,  property no options available !






Was there an update to this issue, as we are experiencing the same problem.



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Hi @Shoreditch College!

There’s an article on Google's website about how to set up properties
If the Google Analytics account is your own account then you should have the access needed. If you've been added to that account, you'll need to ask the account owner to ensure you have collaborator access.

If the above is already done, is this a Google Analytics 4 property by any chance? If so, we currently only receive Universal Analytic (UA) properties.

Is there a plan to add support for GA4? It seems like everything is going that way, so we’ve migrated all analytics to GA4 as I’m sure many others have as well