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Getting Alexa to echo data from MySQL database

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi, I'm trying to get Alexa to provide some data from a MySQL database. The test action gets a row of data: Six values. But, I can't publish the zap. Steps:


1. Trigger Phrase Spoken in Amazon Alexa - gets green tick

Alexa app chosen

Trigger Phrase Spoken Three phrases

2. Find Row via Custom Query in MySQL - gets green tick

Tested and a full row of six values are received

The Zap status says I need to add another step.

I want Alexa to read out the values.

Any idea what that step may be?




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3 replies

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Hi @Doug Packer, welcome to the Community!

The Alexa trigger can be used to start a Zap, but it’s not possible to send a command/information back to Alexa. In this case, you’re seeing the error because the Zap has started and found the row in SQL but then doesn’t have anywhere to send the information. 

I understand that you want Alexa to read the information back to you, but unfortunately that’s not possible with the Zapier Alexa integration. You could have the Zap send you an email/text/other notification with the information. If you’re technically minded, you could also take a look at building an Alexa ‘Skill’ using the Alexa developer documentation. If you’re able to create a skill that can receive information from a webhook, you could add a webhook step on the end of your Zap that will send the information to Alexa that way. 

I hope that helps, let us know if you have any questions!

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Hey there @Doug Packer, looking at what our Alexa app supports I only see it offering a trigger step, and no actions:

Because of this, Zapier does not have an official way of sending data BACK to Alexa.  Taking a look at the Alexa API, during a quick perusal of this information I don’t see any methods that they support sending data back to Alexa via API.  There may be a way but I don’t see a clear path forward in general, and can confirm there is no action in our Alexa app to do what you wish presently.  Sorry to not have better news!

Thanks folks -

Indeed I did use Zapier to send the data in an email, which did show me how to make a Zap work, but that doesn’t fit the need.

I’ll look at the developer documentation and see if I can develop a skill.


Cheers :-)