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  • 21 March 2022
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Not sure if this is possible in the current Beta version of GatherContent integration, but I am trying to send a Direct Message in Slack to team members when they are added to a GC page. My problem is that when five people are added, each of the assignees receives five messages rather than just one. I’ve played around with Zapier Filters & Paths but still am running into the same problem. Is there a way to create a conditional so that Slack only pings a colleague when specifically their account is added rather than them receiving a notification for every assignment? 



Person A is added to GatherContent Page #1
Person A receives Slack ping notifying them that they have been added
Person B is added to GatherContent Page #1
Person B receives Slack ping notifying them that they have been added
Person A does not receive second notification 



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5 replies

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Hi @Nick Cortezi 

Good question.

What GatherContent Zap trigger are you using?

Try using the Looping app:


Hi @Troy Tessalone! Thanks for getting back to me! I'm currently using the “Item Assignees Updated in GatherContent” trigger. Just played around with Looping and it seems to be on the right path but still running into same problem, mapped below:

  1. I add myself to the GC page and get the right Slack DM “Nick has been added”
  2. I then add my colleague to the GC page and she gets her DM, but I receive a second “Nick has been added” DM as well

Looks like the problem is that since the loop triggers each time a person is added, the Slack DM will trigger for all folks already assigned to the page every-time. Is there a way to get only the new Assignee email/username/etc as the text that will be tested against the conditionals? As in, if I assign myself to a page, the loop checks only that string against each of its conditionals and then sends the DM if found?


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@Nick Cortezi 

Thanks for the additional context.

I understand the issue now: the Zap triggers anytime there are updates to an Item’s Assignees (added/removed)


There’s need to be a data point from the Zap trigger that indicates who the Assignee was that was added/removed, vs the entire list.

Is there such a data point?

Can you post a screenshot with all the data points returned for this Zap trigger?


Otherwise, you’d have to log all these into a GSheet or Airtable, to then check against first before proceeding to send a Slack Message.

Hi @Troy Tessalone! Screenshots attached! Looking into it on my end, does not seem to have any reference to “when” a specific User was assigned, I’ll look into GSheet/Airtable functionality as well!

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@Nick Cortezi 

Yeah, looks like you’d have to keep a log to reference.

You could either log each Assignee as their own record/row.

Or you could add all Assignees to 1 record/row and use a Code step to compare the 2 Lists to determine which to add/remove/keep, and then proceed accordingly.