From text message to google sheet to live screen display

  • 26 October 2022
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Hello, I am looking for a way to take data from an incoming text message, store it in a google sheet and then display the data on a large screen that would dynamically update as new text messages come in. Is there a Zap that can do this for me?

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5 replies

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Hey Tzvi!


Can you share a bit more about the big screen and what app you’re using there that would be able to display those text messages? Does the screen itself have the capability to launch the app (for example, is this a giant monitor showing a Google Doc)?

If that screen can connect with an app that you can integrate with Zapier, then this should be possible.

So I am looking for an entity that can be embedded on a website that can show dynamic content. 
So when data shows up on a google sheet it then is displayed on X which is embedded on a web page. For example when data is displayed on a row in google sheets have it also populate a google slides presentation or something similar. What is the X. That is my question.
Does that make sense?

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Hey @Tzvi! Yes, this makes a lot of sense. How to go about this would really depend on how you’d like the data to appear. Is it a blog post? Image? Presentation? Chart? List? Knowing that detail will help us make some further recommendations on how you might be able to accomplish this. Let us know!

Thanks. It would be for a fundraising dinner where the text would have a name and a pledge amount and all the pledges would be displayed as a vertical or horizontal ticker.

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Hi @Tzvi!

Thinking of apps that integrate with Zapier, you could look into Wordpress. If you’re able to set up a Wordpress site so that each post appears on a page in the way that you’d like (ie it looks like a horizontal ticker), then you can use Zapier to automatically create a post each time a new row is added to the Google Sheet. 

Do you think that would work for you?