Freshdesk Decription Empty

  • 17 March 2021
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I’m new and i want to use zapier to link Freshdek and Asana.

But when i select Description field there is no data. It’s the same things with the fiedl requester, I have a ID but not name. 



I use the same API key with application asana in freshdesk and the field Description work.

Do you have an idea ? 


Sorry for my bad english it’s not my native language.

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4 replies

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Hi @Bryque 

Try selecting a different sample record to use from the trigger step that has those data points populated.


Hi @Troy Tessalone Thanks for your reply, I have tried other samples and the result is the same

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Hi @Bryque this can be a tricky part of building a Zap - the “no data” means that the sample used for the trigger doesn’t have a value for that field. But as long as it’s mapped to the action steps you should be okay.


As a next step, can you:

  1. Turn on the Zap
  2. try to trigger the Zap and fill out the data you need in the trigger app.

This will appear in the Zap history - ideally the data shows up when the Zap triggers live!

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Hi @Bryque, were you able to get this workflow set up okay? Let us know!