Freshbooks - Create invoices with multiple line items

  • 2 February 2022
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I am trying to create new invoices from google sheets into freshbooks and it isn’t working the way I need it to. If my google sheets has 9 rows across 3 clients, the zap is creating 9 invoices instead of 3. Each invoice should contain 3 line times. 

Current behavior - creating 1 invoice for each row

Desired behavior - create 3 invoice with 3 line items across 3 clientID

For the utilities app, I am not sure how zapier is grouping that by clientID


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1 reply

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Hey @zapLearner, welcome to the Community! :)

Hmm, the Create Invoice action for FreshBooks supports line items so it should be possible to create a single invoice with multiple items. Often when we see a “create invoice” type of action (that supports line items) but is creating invoices that don’t contain multiple line items it’s usually due to that step not receiving line items (Use line items in Zaps). 

If it was receiving line item data from the Google Sheets step, I’d expect the FreshBooks step to look something like this:
We can see in the above screenshot that there are multiple (line item) values for each field that’s been selected from a Google Sheets step.

Though it sounds like the FreshBooks step is getting line item data from the Formatter (Utilities) step, rather than the Google Sheets step, is that correct? 

If you can send over of the Formatter and Freshbooks steps screenshots (please obfuscate any personally identifiable information on it) to confirm what fields have been selected that’ll help us to narrow down what’s preventing the line items from being added to the invoice. Thanks! :)