Free SMS trigger service that can integrate well with ChatGPT / OpenAI?

  • 11 January 2024
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I see many 3rd-party SMS services that can connect to Zapier — so many that it could be overwhelming!

I’d like to basically do ChatGPT 

  1. Text a number, so it requires a SMS TRIGGER to initiate.
  2. It sends the text message as a prompt to ChatGPT / OpenAI.
  3. The response comes back as a text message.

Are there particular SMS services that would be recommended for this use case, that are free for a base plan, or at least allow a free trial for testing?

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4 replies

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Zap apps can be searched here:

Check out the Phone & SMS category:

Each Zap app has a profile page that lists the available triggers/actions to help give you a gist of what should be possible to configure in an automation.

e.g. OpenPhone:

NOTE: There is new regulation in place for sending SMS which requires approval on your phone number.


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Thanks again @Troy Tessalone that’s the list I was going through, it’s a lot. I’d appreciate any recommendations from you or others who have used some of them firsthand, so I have a clearer idea of what to expect.

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I’d recommend an option from the top of the list shown as those are the more popular Zap apps for phone & sms.

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Thanks, it looks like is showing me some familiar names so I’ll start there...