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Formulas aren't registrating data from the Zap

  • 17 January 2023
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Hi Zapier Community, 

I am currently running the following zap, on Monday.Com and Google sheets: 

1: Specific Column Value Changed in Board in

2: Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets


I am getting the correct data into my sheet. But the problem is that my formula isn’t registrating the data in the columns from the Zap. 

I am running simple formulas such as: countif, countifs, sum etc. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

Any clue how to solve this issue? 


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4 replies

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Hi @AB98!

Where are the formula in you sheet? Are they in the same row as the data that’s added by the Zap or in a different sheet?

If they’re in the same row as the data, you might find this guide to adding indirect formulas in your Zap useful:

If that doesn’t help with what you need, could you share some more details about the formula: where are they in the sheet, what are they (the exact formula) and which cells do they reference. Thanks!


So basically my sheet rows that recieves the zap are A,B and C

My formulas are from F to V

Does this make sense? 



I figured it out with using Countifs combined with the INDIRECT function. 

If anyone else needs this formula this is the one I use: 


=COUNTIFS(INDIRECT("A2:A1000"); "row item you are looking for 1"; INDIRECT("B2:B1000");"row item you are looking for 2")


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Hey @AB98 glad you were able to get this sorted and thanks so much for coming back to the Community to share! I will go ahead and mark your reply as a “Best Answer". If anything else comes up, just let us know - always happy to help brainstorm ideas & solutions!